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Tyler (guitar) is from upstate New York, and was influenced by The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, John Mayer, and Dave Matthews.

Chas (drums) is from San Diego, CA. and was influenced by The Beatles, The Dave Brubeck Trio, The Who, and The Kinks.

Gogo (bass) is from Huntington Beach, CA. and lists his influences as The Beatles, Cream, Leo Kottke, and Frank Zappa.

We all played in as many bands as we could from an early age and some were better than others. Eventually we got to be better players, wanted to play with even better players, and wanted to start playing our own compositions. Eventually we all did that and then wanted to write in collaboration with others. In this way, it became important that we meet.

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//  Origin:  San Diego, CA                
//  Genres:  AltRock
//  Years Active:  2019- Present
Short Bio

The Serenade is an original, indie/alternative music trio based out of San Diego with songs written in the vein of jam bands such as Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and The Grateful Dead but played in a power trio format giving off vibes of trios of the past such as The Hendrix Experience, Cream, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and The Police.

We are passionate and dedicated to our music, connecting with our fans, and being easier to work with than any band you know.



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PRODUCER / A&R | Tyler Benson (518) 744-1510

 Serenade Origin (2019)

Gogo was living in San Diego, helping people in bands - playing, managing, facilitating - whatever. He'd been playing (for what seemed like) forever and wanted to get with people that were "serious". He'd surrounded himself with folks that were honestly trying to move from part-time  "hobbyist" musicians into professional full-time musicians. He was hoping to find someone that was willing to work hard to leave a footprint - to convey something personal and lasting with their music - rather than just play for fun. He had placed an ad for a guitar player in Craigslist.

Tyler had lived in San Diego for about a year, was playing in a jazz band, and looking to go full-time as a original music act. He had posted an ad for a bass player in Craigslist.

Gogo & T got together a few times to show their original music to each other, and saw in each other a kindred spirit and compatible goals - to play full time and leave a footprint. They also respected the others musicianship... the honesty with which they approached their parts and how they both played simply - distilling the songs to their essence.

Gogo was contacted by a guitar player that wanted to play Beatle tunes and went to a jam session their rehearsal spot. The drummer, Chas, was exceptionally good but the guitar player didn't come prepared and therefore didn't play well. Gogo suggested that we invite T the next time. They continued to work through the backlog of T's originals and both started to see that it was time to add drums. Both knew good drummers, but the drummers just weren't excited enough to commit to a rehearsal for original material. It's intimidating, because it's about playing what YOU feel more than copying what someone else had recorded, as it is in a cover band. You have to have something to say and it has to complement the composition. Original music is not for the faint of heart, or for those that are timid about exposing their own feelings.

T attended the next Beatle jam, and everyone was very impressed with how well he played and sang the tunes. And T was impressed with Chas the drummer as well. So we asked him if he wanted to try some originals. Chas was instantly eager to try, because he was looking for a serious opportunity. We got together in a rehearsal hall and, in the next 8 weeks, had developed 24 tunes and recorded 12 of them. These first 12 recordings are called "Wave 1" and the next 12 "Wave 2." As of August, 2020, we have 17 songs released, eight in post-production and we are currently writing / rehearsing / arguing over the 12 songs in Wave 3.

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