About The Serenade

"We'll have to bring you back - you guys are fantastic"

- Jeff Ousley , Navajo Live

Tyler "T-Sizzle" Benson plays guitar, keys, and sings from the heart. Although all three of us create the songs, T is the one that emotes. He's out front with the audience and makes the experience of seeing us special night after night.

Gregg "Gogo" Oliver plays bass, and has for a long time and with a lot of well-known people. We all wear a lot of hats as a self-managed, original music performance and recording band, but Gogo wears many of them.

Chas "Thunderhoof" Benedict plays drums. Besides setting tempos and co-directing us, he is Gogo's accountability partner. They make sure each other stays in check so that their work together provides perfect support for Tyler's performance of each song.

We are more than a song factory. We are singing a serenade, a special type of song that is personal and expresses the singer's passion to their audience. Our performances are a personal experience, an intimate act of sharing.

The message we share is the message of our human experience. Our message of love and heartbreak, hope and betrayal, joy and devastation, and how we as people make it through and even thrive.

Everything we do is handmade by us and done in public. This is why our audience connects deeply and completely with us. The 3 of us, playing songs we write together, on real instruments to express our deepest thoughts and feelings about the human experience that connects us all. No backing tracks, loops, clicks... but an outpouring of our distilled experiences to share our humanity, to commiserate, to give hope, to comfort, to inspire, to elevate  to connect..

We do this because we are compelled to... there are easier ways to make a living, even within the music industry, but the only way we want to is by sharing our truth with all who seek to know it. This is our contribution, our art... to tell the truth as completely as we can. When it hurts, we know we've done it right.


"You guys are SO tight - Great, fresh material"

- Jay Cain, On Point Productions

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